After the After Party at Vancouver Opera

Ahh…La Clemenza di Tito…such a beautiful night at the Vancouver Opera performance. So wonderful.

I offer my sincerest thank yous to the Vancouver Opera Social Media Manager, Ling Chan. Ling is the picture of grace under all sorts of pressure. On opening night of the opera she appears calm and peaceful while I can only imagine the myriad things-to-do that are racing through her head. Even so, she accommodates every request that our small group of live-bloggers put to her. Fabulous. Simply fabulous.

And here now, compliments of Nicole Belonio, blogger extraordinaire, are a couple photos of our blogger night at the Vancouver Opera.

Nik, Frances and Stacey at La Clemenza
Nik, Frances and Stacey at La Clemenza

From left to right we have Nicole Belonio, and Frances Sprout and of course, moi.

The three of us were the bloggers at opening night of La Clemenza di Tito.

Following the opera we are invited backstage to join the cast and crew for an after party. This really is the high-light of the night for me. Seeing the cast so relaxed, sipping a glass of wine or beer and munching on appies, is a very cool experience.

Stacey and Wendy Nielsen
Stacey and Wendy Nielsen

I left my camera at the coatcheck (silly me!) so I was very happy when Nik said that she would snap a picture of me with Wendy Nielsen who sang the role of Vitellia in La Clemenza. That is us, in the picture to the right.    —>

I also had the opportunity to chat and have beer with the Director of Production, Terry Harper. Harper is not your typical opera guy. He is from Houston Texas and, like me wears cowboy boots to the opera.

At the next opera, La Traviata, I will be sure to have my camera ready and get a picture of Terry’s and my boots.

A fabulous night. Fabulous. And the opera? I thoroughly enjoyed the step back from the more “modern” operas to a classic, simple and elegant performance. Now I have La Traviata to look forward to!!


  1. We are so happy to have you and all the bloggers at VO! Thanks for your kind words about Ling. She is just as calm, cool and collected as you imagine.

  2. Hi Stacey,

    I always look forward to opening night and Blogger Night at the Opera because of all our wonderful bloggers such as yourself. It always makes me smile to read what a great time you had pre-show, during intermission and at the after-party. Happy to hear that you got a snap with Wendy Nielsen and made fast friends with Terry. I should make a mental note to get a picture of the men in cowboy boots at the next opera 😉

    See you at Traviata!


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