An Alternate View of the Retired Life

A reader posted a comment on my recent blog post about my neighbour who threw away his alarm clock after retiring and then the commenter thought his comment might be construed as insensitive and asked that I delete the comment from that particular post. I did as the commenter requested.

But you know, his comment, when not connected to my elderly neighbour was actually pretty amusing. Here it is, what do you think of it?

If this is the same fellow I’m thinking about, the neighbor failed to mention anything about the local gossip.  One night one of the local gossipers heard the old fellow hollering, shouting and singing from his front porch while rocking back and forth in his rickety old rocking chair.  Seeing that he was a having a lot of fun, the neighbor went over and asked him for the secret to his happiness. “

Well” he says, “Not only do I like to drink Budweiser beer, I like to swig back a 40 ouncer of Canadian Club before getting into bed and singing a round of “Good night Irene”.  I eat nothing but fast food, smoke three packs of cigarettes a day and sometimes even forget to let the dog out for a squirt. Sometimes I get so lazy I even get the neighbor to take out the garbage and the greens for me.

Being a good gossiper of sorts, the neighbor asked the old gray haired bachelor, “Just how old are you?”

With a half cocked smile and a twinkle in his eye, the elderly bachelor replied  “Age 29, whats it to yeah?”.