Amazon dot ca Vs dot com

Check this out for an absolutely ridiculous situation; if you shop on Amazon dot ca rather than Amazon dot com you can expect to pay significantly more for the very same products.

I was recently looking for a cast iron tortilla press (don’t ask why I was looking for a tortilla press!). Seeing as there were only cast aluminum tortilla presses available locally, I went online to find a cast iron tortilla press. Not thinking about it too much and being the loyal Canadian that I am, I started out with the Amazon dot ca and searched for tortilla presses – BINGO!! I found one; the Imusa 8 inch cast-iron tortilla press. Retail price on $69.40! Great stuff – and it is reduced from $79.99 – as you can see in the picture below.

Imusa Tortilla Press - Canada
Imusa Tortilla Press – Canada


Being a curious sort of fella I went on Amazon dot com – Amazon dot ca’s American brother and did the same search for an Imusa 8″ cast-iron tortilla press. I was very surprised to see the exact same item for sale on

Imusa Tortilla Press
Imusa Tortilla Press

The exact same item on the american version of Amazon for $28.99.

This has nothing to do with the cost of shipping because the consumer pays for the cost of shipping on top of the purchase price (or you can get free shipping if you buy a specific dollar amount of goods).

What’s up with that?

Perhaps this only applies to tortilla presses? So when we were looking for new swimsuits for our kids I went to Amazon dot ca and found Speedo swimsuits. A reasonably good quality swim suit for $45.12. Unfortunate that Speedo only has black suits. Oh well.

Speedo Swimsuit
Speedo Swimsuit


Same routine as the tortilla press. Drop the dot ca, go to Amazon dot com and there is a very similar Speedo swimsuit for the kids.

Speedo Swimsuits
Speedo Swimsuits



Well look at that! The Speedo swimsuit, which is available in four different bright colours only costs $18.06 on the dot com site?!

I’m not sure what the difference is or why the Canadian version of Amazon charges more than twice as much as the American version. I really do not understand how a business can do this. How is it ethical to charge more than twice as much for an item in one country when you are an online retailer?

Is there a logical explanation to this?


  1. I’ve done this comparison myself on more than one occasion. Hard to be loyal and support your own country’s economy when things are sooo much cheaper in the US!

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