Blonde Bear Decides to get up and Walk

Big celebration around our house this weekend…Blonde Bear decided that it is time for her to quit crawling and get up and walk.

Annalie Walks
Annalie Walks

Seeing her up and walking provided a huge sigh of relief to my Sweetheart and myself. Whether we admitted it out loud or not, there was a concern that she was not yet walking. Having twins will do that to you. One twin gets up and walks on March 23rd and then you look at the other little princess and wonder when she will walk. You tell yourself it will be any day now and you wait…and wait and wait.

As you are waiting you begin to have these tiny little thoughts in the back of your mind…maybe there is something wrong with her legs…maybe her hips are…you just worry a little bit.

And then, almost three months later, Blonde Bear gets up and walks from me to her mother without a sideways glance. And then the next day she gets up and walks across the backyard. Just like that she is walking and simply perfect. And all my worries are gone.


  1. Great news! Makes you wonder what else kids know how to do, say etc. but just choose not to! I guess you’ve got the baby gates up everywhere??

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