Another Early Start to the Day

Well, here we are at 5:30 am and I can honestly say we have been hard at life since 4:30 this morning. Story awoke, on schedule, and demanded to get into the office to begin her play day. So Caragh put her in the Play-Yard, a sort of containment unit for babies who are a little too mobile at 4:30 am. When I was a kid we called this thing a Play-pen. Perhaps the word “pen” has too many negative connotations to be used now. Anyway, Story promptly fell sideways, landed on her baby bum and let loose a dramatic howl with all the ferocity of someone being pushed off a roof. And she landed on her baby bum, on top of a blanket sitting on a mattress. Oh the agony.

Caragh then decides to bring Story downstairs and put her in the Exer-saucer. I am waiting for the people in the house next door to come over and demand to know if there is a domestic disturbance of some sort going on. The Exer-saucer is my favourite little containment device that sounds like someone taking everything from your kitchen, putting it all in a sturdy plastic trash bag and running around the house smashing said bag against the walls. I’m thinking a drum kit would be less intrusive.

I did take a crappy quality little video of Story at work in the smasher unit but it seems to be too large to upload. I will investigate once I have had a coffee. No promises. One great thing about the twins is that I can now drink a large coffee any time of the day or night and still be able to fall fast asleep if given a flat surface…another benefit of being a Papa!