Apparently I am an Assault on the World of Fashion

As I was walking out the door yesterday, my Sweetheart looked at me and grimaced. My instant response was to go to the defensive position, “WHAT! What’s wrong with what I am wearing!” To which she replied, “You are an outright assault on the world of fashion.” Wow. I was stunned. I actually see myself as being incredibly practical.

You see in the old days I was a logger in the Great Canadian North Woods. Well okay, that might be overstating the situation, but my friend has a cabin near Kamloops and he needed a couple bug-kill trees cut down. Knowing that I am pretty handy with stuff like a lawnmower and weed-eater-whipper-snapper, he asked if I could help him.

Nothing says manliness like bacon, ham, sausage and six eggs for breakfast, beer, and power tools. And at the very top of the power tool hierarchy sits the king of power tools, the chainsaw.

Anyway, in preparation for this weekend of carnage I went out and bought a wardrobe befitting a logger from the Great Canadian North Woods. (You have to lower your voice to a deep baritone when you say that last line.) The wardrobe consists of Carhartt bib overalls, a Carhartt vest, a plaid flannel jacket and work-boots. A picture is worth a 1000 words so here, have a look…

My Logging Fashion Show
My Logging Fashion Show

The good thing about this type of clothing is that it virtually never wears out, especially if you have an office job and do not actually need sturdy work-style clothing.

So now I pick and choose from my logger-wear wardrobe when I go to work. An example you say? Well yesterday, I chose the green wool work socks, my Levi cargo shorts, sandals and my black Carhartt vest. I really do not understand what she meant when she said I was an assault on the world of fashion.

Just for good measure here is another picture of me telling a tree which way to fall after I have begun to administer the cuts to its base. And before any PETA-type people throw a picket-protest-line around my blog, be aware that trees we were taking down were already dead. And that creek is actually an irrigation drainage ditch.

Directing the Tree Fall Direction
Directing the Tree Fall Direction

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