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Apple Juice in the Vitamix

I’ve had a Vitamix “whole food processor” for about 20 years now and while I don’t use it all that often anymore, when I do use it, the results are usually pretty much 100% tasty.

This weekend just gone, I was watching Let it Mix on Instagram make apple juice on with her Vitamix and that got me to thinking – I could make some apple juice – with a twist.

To be clear, I was making juice – not a smoothie. If you do want to make a smoothie all you have to do is add some more fruit; frozen fruit works really well. Fruit and some kind of milk or yogurt.

Those types of additions will quickly turn your juice into a smoothie. But as I said, I wanted to try making juice. So I did.

Honestly, the end results were awesome. An excellently flavoured juice!

But perhaps the best part of the Vitamix? The clean up. All you have to do is fill it about 3/4 full of warm water, add a couple drops of dish soap and then put it on high speed for a couple minutes.

It will clean itself! Dump out the soapy water and give it a thorough rinse and it is good to go.

Anyway, that is my latest Vitamix experiment: apples, ginger beer, a squeeze of lime, and a dash of maple syrup.