April Nail Spa; Pedicure Completed!!

I did it. I went with Vancouver’s Mom Paradigm Blogger Lee-Anne Ekland to the April Nail Spa to have our end of the summer foot tune up completed!! Heaven.

April Nail Spa
April Nail Spa


Now, before you go further, I have to tell you there are photos of my feet that are downright nasty. Ugly nasty. And the super Ninja Nancy with a razor blade-like tool was able to tune them up superbly. So are you ready for the pics? Brace yourself…

The Massagey Chair
The Massagey Chair



This cool beast of a chair is not only functional in the sense that it is a chair, it is also a MASSAGE chair. Yes, while I was sitting beside Lee-Anne chatting about blogging and our kids and having my feet made beautiful (more beautiful?) I was having my back massaged. Cool. So cool.



See how I am easing you into this? You ready for the nasty pics? Turn back now or…

My Left Foot
My Left Foot



See that nasty bit lurking on my big toe? Yeah. Ninja Nancy with her Credo Knife carved it into submission. From what I gather, the pedicure people typically use the Credo Knife once, maybe twice on a foot. (For those who don’t know, a Credo Knife is a two sided razor blade-like knife that scrapes off dead skin like a chef shaving parmesan cheese off a block).

Want to see what I mean? Yeah…

Credo Knife
Credo Knife




The wild thing is, Ninja Nancy, my pedicure artist went back to the Credo FIVE separate times. She admitted that my feet were pretty challenging to work with. But she never quit.








The end result of all this scraping and shaving and filing and buffing? Two beautiful feet.

Overall, it was a cool experience to have my feet “taken care of”. It felt great to soak them in warm bubbling water and have someone massage them with gritty pastey stuff that made me feel goose-bumpy.

It was fun to sit and and chat with a friend and not worry about anything else right there and then. It just felt good.

Two Beautiful Feet
Two Beautiful Feet


And the end result; my feet are now beautiful.


And the colour? That thing about choosing what colour to have my toes painted?

Really, you want to know what colour I had them done (much to the protestations of Ninja Nancy).

To see my painted toe nails, visit the Mom Paradigm and have a look!!

Because I enjoyed this experience so much I have decided to arrange to have one of my readers have their very own pedicure done at April Nail Spa. To enter this giveaway, in the comments to this post, in 25 words or less, tell me why you should be the recipient of this pedicure experience.

Tell me why you deserve a free pedicure AND share the link to this blog post on Facebook so that others can share in the excitement of seeing my feet become beautiful. That is it.

As some of you know, on this Sunday I am headed out to sea for a seven days. That means I will have very limited internet access. So, let’s make this contest run for a good long time, say until 4pm on Tuesday, September 4th.

I will take the entries and have Mom Paradigm Blogger Lee-Anne choose the most deserving recipient. Obviously if you want to win you will need to leave your email address in the little form that pops up when you go to leave a comment on this post. That email will never be used to spam you or do anything nefarious.

For Life in the Burbs contest guidelines, read this quick guide.

Disclosure: April Nail Spa has provided absolutely NO financial or other incentive for me to write this blog post or any follow-up blog posts. This blog post is based upon my personal opinion and as always, I maintain complete editorial control over all content posted here.


  1. It’s like cats who rub against people who hate cats. I hate pedicures – so this prize will likely be attracted to me and my feet.

  2. Wow … after seeing the miracle that happened with Stacey’s feet , I thought why the heck shouldn’t I try to get myself a pedicure. After all my feet are probably in worst shape than Stacey’s. As to why I deserve to win it , that is harder to say because I think every person should have pedicures on a regular basis . Sadly for me my pension doesn’t allow such a treat .

  3. Stacey I love that a man would go have a pedicure, it tells me you are secure in your man-hoodedness (not a real word). So glad you enjoyed yours.
    I would love to have a pedicure as I have this horrible problem with my heels cracking every summer. It HURTS!

  4. I would love to win a pedicure but would love even more to go and get one with you and Leanne and a glass of wine (I’m sure you would be ready for another one by Sept.)! But perhaps if I won a free one I would give it to my husband and then you wouldn’t be the only man in town with beautiful feet.

  5. I deserve a pedicure because it’s really stressful knitting baby blankets and a pedicure will relax me 🙂

  6. This summer, I went everywhere with my two little kids and my feet, which were almost always in flip flops, definitely show this! I am about to go back to work and start a new school year – and would love nothing better than to show off my fabulous and pretty feet!!

  7. My feet are pretty neat, but only after an April Nail Spa treat!
    I have two kids and I love ’em to bits…even during the crying fits.
    I clean my house all day and night and wash laundry with all my might.
    Needless to say my feet often hurt; and from working in the garden, they are covered in dirt.
    I play with my kids and sing, sing, sing…waiting for the timer to go “ding, ding, ding!”
    Dinner is served; it’s family time, now. We survived another day…holy cow!
    I love my family and I love my feet; spending time on both is a really special treat!

  8. Hmmm it’s hard to compete with Frances’ rhyming reason above but here’s my 25 words or less:

    I’ve never actually had a pedicure (or manicure!) before, and my feet are starting to resemble my over-60-year-old mother’s.

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