Are Canadian Lotteries a Tax?

I broke down recently and bought a Lotto Max ticket. As I have previously said, I’m not a fan of the one big $50 million prize lotteries, but the numerous extra one million dollar prizes appeal to me. Typically, I do not purchase lottery tickets, it is usually on a whim when I do so.

However, when I recently bought a ticket the buddy I was with just laughed at me and that, “Lotteries are a tax on the stupid.”

Personally, if one were to consider lottery tickets a “tax”, I am more inclined to say that they are a tax on the desperate. What do you think? Tax on the stupid, the desperate or…


  1. I think if you are helping a organization, go for it! I also like to dream as I purchase the big tickets on how I would spend my fortunes. So you two for your monies. I like that idea. Helping someone and dreaming a little.

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