Asa Sushi South Burnaby – My Favourite

When I find myself craving a quick sushi fix I always find my way back to my favourite hole-in-the-wall sushi place, Asa Sushi in South Burnaby.

Asa Sushi
Asa Sushi


Asa Sushi is located in a non-descript little strip mall along with a 7-11 convenience store, a vet and a hairdresser. Not the most glamourous of locations, but they do put together my favourite sushi fixes.

The sushi never fails to please me. No, this is not Tojo’s or some other high-end downtown kind of place. Asa Sushi is a little hole-in-the-wall sushi joint owned and operated by a very sweet Korean couple who always have a smile for their customers.


My typical quick fix is the Tuna-Salmon Combo.

Asa Sushi Tuna Salmon Combo
Asa Sushi Tuna Salmon Combo

Two generous pieces of tuna sushi beside two pieces of salmon sushi along with a tuna roll and a salmon roll. Nothing fancy, just ultra fresh fish, perfectly prepared rice and perfect flavour.

My other favourite menu item is their BC Roll special; two BC Rolls for $5.50. Now, be aware, Asa Sushi does the BC Roll differently than other sushi joints.

Asa Sushi BC Roll
Asa Sushi BC Roll

Asa Sushi stuffs their BC Rolls with canned salmon. This is different than the traditional sushi joint, but if you know this ahead of time and have an open-mind, you will enjoy the Asa Sushi BC Roll.

My favourite part about Asa Sushi in South Burnaby? They give you a little plastic tub of soy sauce to use instead of those horrific little foil like packages of sauce.

Asa Sushi, my choice for the hole-in-the-wall sushi fix.
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