At the Movies; My Three Favourite Comedies

A couple of weeks ago I did a podcast about my three favourite comedy movies and unless you are one of the six people in North America who listened to that episode of my podcast, you probably missed it.

Of course, like any list of “bests” these are just my thoughts and opinions. Clearly this is not the definitive list of funniest movies ever because after all, what metric is there to measure “funniest movies” on? And further, who am I to decree which are the funniest movies? These are just my three favourites.

In no particular order I would say one of the funniest movies is the classic John Candy-Steve Martin comedy of “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”.

This has it all. Two completely mismatched guys forced to travel together and facing and overcoming adversity, and having a good time while we laugh uproariously.

My favourite line from “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles” has to be, “Where’s your other hand?”

To which Steve Martin replies, “Between two pillows”. Classic stuff.

Another of my top three funniest movies is Chevy Chase in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”

I love that movie. I will watch it time and again during the Christmas season.

So many one liners from that movie. It is gold. comedy gold.

The third comedy that I always enjoy, another John Candy movie, “Uncle Buck”. Just pure comedy gold.

It is made of physical humour as well as so many memorable one liners. Just picture the mountain of a man that John Candy was trying to use a urinal in an elementary school. Good, innocent fun.

The Uncle Buck exchange with Gnat; “Have you ever heard of a tune-up?”

Evil laugh from John Candy followed by, “Have you ever heard of a ritual killing?”

Sure, taken out of context it seems almost bizarre, but add in the sneering face of a teenager, a back firing beast of a car, and screeching tires…comedy gold.

So that’s it, my three favourite comedies

  • Uncle Buck
  • Christmas Vacation
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Care to share your favourite comedies? Commenting is free.





5 responses to “At the Movies; My Three Favourite Comedies”

  1. Pat Shellard Avatar
    Pat Shellard

    Maybe not your favorite movie, but I can’t get enough of Dumb and Dumber – very slapstick humour!!

  2. Victor Toth Avatar
    Victor Toth

    I think I mentioned my three favourite comedies of all time in the Facebook comments but I was doing some more thinking and slapstick really does need it’s own category. So my three favourite slapstick comedies are: The Pink Panther Strikes Back, The Naked Gun: From The Files Of Police Squad, and The Naked Gun 2 & a Half: The Smell Of Fear!

  3. Victor Toth Avatar
    Victor Toth

    Another great Uncle Buck quote directly connected to the one you mentioned Stacey is this amazing monologue : “I like to know I have it (his hatchet) when say…someone who’s been drinking is about to drive a loved one home. That’s when I like to know I have it, not to kill! Just to maim….shave a little off the kneecap….I keep it really sharp. In fact it’s sharp enough to circumcise a gnat! Hey…..Bug…gnat…is there some kind of connection here….come here! I want to show it to ya….No?…Maybe next time…O. K.” – Uncle Buck talking to his niece’s boyfriend Bug. ???????? I may have misquoted some of the lines but I think the main gist of it is in there and when delivered by the late, great John Candy it is COMEDY GOLD!!!

    1. Victor Toth Avatar
      Victor Toth

      I missed “take a little off the shoulder” just remembered ????

      1. Victor Toth Avatar
        Victor Toth

        The ???? are supposed to be laughing faces 😉 😀