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Fire Pizza
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Restaurants in Crisis

I hate to say it, but the Canadian restaurant industry is in really serious trouble. The current global pandemic is wreaking havoc on the restaurant business – in particular, family operated and independent restaurants. These smaller establishments are at high risk of going out of business during this pandemic – and quite possibly not returning […]

Chicken Sandwich
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Triple O’s Chicken Sandwich

Before the current global pandemic set in, while I was on the road to the cabin, I had the chance to test out another chicken burger from a local fast food joint – the Buttermilk Chicken Sandwich from Triple O’s. And I’ve got to admit, for a burger (sandwich?) that cost almost $10, the Buttermilk […]

Bread Baking
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Vitamix Cream of Asparagus Soup

I am teaching my kids the importance of “waste not, want not” and honestly, is there any kitchen device that exemplifies that more so than the Vitamix? The Vitamix will turn virtually anything you have in the kitchen into an ultra-smooth smoothie. Or into soup. Like a Vitamix Cream of Asparagus soup. So that is […]

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How to Make a Bow

Like you, I have been in self-isolation for the last few days and probably like you, I have been watching lots of tv about how to flip a house and other useful YouTube videos on things like how to make a bow. In this current economic climate I didn’t think it was possible to flip […]

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COVID-19 Quarantine Family Fun Strategies

Most people, at least many people, are following the recommendations of our Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry and are self-isolating, quarantining themselves and their families, or at the very least, “social-distancing”. However, it seems that large numbers of people are continuing to congregate in city parks – large numbers of people congregating in close […]

Life Musings

Being Present

On the weekend one of my childhood friends passed away. He lost his battle with cancer and now he is dead. As a result, for at least one day I felt like slowing my life down and feeling every feeling and really being present. On Sunday I slowed down and let myself feel all the […]

Wendy's Chicken Sandwich
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Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich

In my continuing research into chicken sandwiches, I decided to try out the Wendy’s chicken sandwich. It didn’t hurt that a page of coupons recently arrived at my house for Wendy’s burgers, wraps, salads, and sandwiches! The Wendy’s coupons have a “2-can-dine-for $13.99” deal for two spicy, grilled or homestyle chicken sandwich combos. We oped […]

Bread Baking
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Apple Juice in the Vitamix

I’ve had a Vitamix “whole food processor” for about 20 years now and while I don’t use it all that often anymore, when I do use it, the results are usually pretty much 100% tasty. This weekend just gone, I was watching Let it Mix on Instagram make apple juice on with her Vitamix and […]

Hi Five Chicken
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Hi Five Chicken Burger

I had a hankering for a chicken sandwich so I swung by Hi Five Chicken on the Burnaby/New West border just in tine to grab their lunch special; a Home Style Spicy Sandwich with a side of wedge cut fries. Seeing as I knew that I would more than likely have to share my chicken […]

Baking Bread
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Baking Bread on an Open Fire

While out of town on the Family Day weekend, my daughter and I filmed a short video of us baking a loaf of bread in a cast iron Dutch oven, over an open fire. My daughter loves being the camera operator and directing how the video “unfolds”. I quite enjoy her directorial skills! And the […]