Avallone Luxury Italian Bi-Fold Giveaway

Recently Christopher from Avallone Luxury sent me one of their Italian bi-fold wallets so that I could do a video review of it and, to give it away to one of my readers.

Here is my video review:

And here is the how-to for you to win the Avallone Luxury Italian bi-fold wallet;

  • First, go to the Avallone Luxury website and find the bag or accessory that you think would best partner with the Italian bi-fold wallet that is being given away here.
  • Next, make a comment on this blog post with the name of the bag or accessory that you think would partner best with the Italian bi-fold that is being given away in this post.
  • Along with the above mentioned info, in your comment on this blog post, add a number between 1 (one) and 100 (one hundred). (Yes, you can enter with numbers one or 100).
  • One entry per email address.
  • On Friday, February 21st, 2014 sometime as close to (but after) 6pm PST I will use an iPad app to generate a random number to decide the winner of this giveaway.
  • When posting your comment with your Avallone Luxury partnering accessory and your chosen number, be sure to include your name and a valid email address (which will not be published or shared or sold or used to send you spam). The email address will be the way that I communicate to the winner of this giveaway.
  • The winner of the Avallone Luxury Italian bi-fold wallet will be required to pay the cost of shipping there prize to their home.


  1. Stacy:
    Thank you for taking the time to provide this review. While I like my custom Baytowne Leather wallet, it’s full grain leather and rustic look would not go well in an opera setting. That said, its always good to have a opera wallet in the stable for just such an occasion. In looking at the other accessories they have, I believe the executive belt would partner well with the wallet you reviewed. Not only does this belt match in color and workmanship, it will go well in an opera and business suit alike. For my random number, I select 36.


  2. Just by viewing the pics, you can imagine how soft that leather is. The Italians know what they’re doing; then again, I’m Italian 😉

    It’s the First Class Traveller for me. 21

  3. Love this wallet… ‘You da man’ Stacey. This would go great with the Lookbook.
    Since I just turned 57, that will be my number…. Thanks

  4. The City Messenger in brown would go fabulously with that wallet – and I sure need a new wallet! 2

  5. 1st class traveler for a 1st class wallet. That wallet may be enough to bring me back to a bi-fold… #79

  6. the cool italian wallet would go perfecty with the City messanger bag says the italian from the east side!!!

    69 of course!!!!!!

  7. I think the Executive Brown Leather Briefcase would pair nicely with that wallet. My number is 32.

  8. According to the Random Number Generator the winning number is 45. That means that Igor is the winner of the Avallone Luxury Italian Bi-Fold Wallet. Congrats!!!

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