Baby formula is not…

A word to the wise…if you perchance run out of milk in your house and you need some kind of “coffee whitener” do not try to use baby formula. Now maybe the babies do not understand what weird tasting shit that they are drinking but…my goodness.

No milk in the fridge and no coffee whitener so I thought, what the hell, why not just use some baby formula? It is a milk like thing, it even has omega 3&6 added. I take them as supplements anyway, so why not?

Just don’t do it. And don’t tell your babies that the stuff they are drinking tastes weird and makes your coffee taste shitty because then what would you feed your munchkins if they find out? Just keep them in the dark about the taste.

But breast milk now, an entirely new dimension in coffee flavouring! But I cannot say anything more about this because if I get caught, there will be no more snow days for me…ever.