Baby Molly Campbell in BC Children’s Hospital

I just saw on this evening’s news that there is a one month old baby (her name is Molly) in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of BC Children’s Hospital with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells.

Our baby girls (now 20 month old toddlers) were born in BC Children’s in week 32 of the pregnancy. I can say that as a new parent, the NICU is one of the most frightening places. As a parent you feel so utterly helpless while your precious little one or twos, or threes, are doing their best while inside these freaky-looking glass cases.

At the same time let me be perfectly clear, the people who choose to work in the NICU are some of the best and kindest and most thoughtful people you will ever encounter in a hospital. It is mostly due to their kindness that I survived the NICU experience. The experiences we had in the NICU with our baby girls makes me feel a particularly strong desire to help families with tiny ones in the NICU in anyway that I can.

Molly’s family is from Victoria, BC. As such they are staying in a city away from their home. There are significant costs to this. David, Molly’s father, is the only income-earner for the family and he is away from home and away from work.

If you can, please help this family in any way that you can. On Baby Molly’s webpage there is even a place where you can write kind and encouraging words and thoughts. Perhaps you could donate the money from a week’s worth of lattes. Or more. Or less. Just do what you can to help this family during this tough stretch.






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    I Pray for your quick Recovere and May you and your family lead a Very Very Happy and Healthy life.