The Bachelor 2015

Okay, so this is confession time – I have a great deal of difficulty dealing with the remote control for the television-PVR combo unit that sits in our living-room.

In my defence, I do not watch much television. I suppose that is partly because I cannot turn the tv on, but other than that fact, the only programs I enjoy and will actually sit down to watch are The Walking Dead and Coronation Street. Some may even say that the shows are more similar than not.

The Bachelor
The Bachelor

However, seeing as I cannot control the remote control and someone else in the house does, if I decide to sit in the living-room, I end up watching (while simultaneously surfing Instagram and Twitter … @srobinsmith) whatever the other one on the house decides to watch.

So, I am not ashamed to say that I have seen some of Farmer Chris, the Bachelor 2015 this season. And I am not impressed.

First, until last week there was a woman on the program who seemed to have mental health issues. It may have been somewhat amusing but the reality is, it was really actually quite sad. In my humble opinion, that woman needs help, and should not be made a spectacle of on network tv.

And then the whole thing about bringing the comedian Jimmy Kimmel on The Bachelor 2015. What was the purpose of that? Seriously.

The latest episode of the show started with a wide angle shot of the balloon festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And one of the women is heard saying, “This is so exciting, I have never before left the country!” Well, Honey, you aren’t leaving the country today either.

And then the musing about what lurks below the surface of the Rio Grande River before they go white water rafting – Megan is concerned there might be alligators and dead bodies floating just below the surface.

Sleeping in Full Make-up
Sleeping in Full Make-up

All I can say is good luck Farmer Chris. Some of these women may not be as helpful down on the farm as you think they will. Although they do go to bed ready to get up at 4:30am and ready to just jump out of bed ready to go.