Back to School Driving and Walking Safety Tips

This coming week is back to school for the kids and teachers of BC. Seeing as there will be thousands of kids going back to school this coming week I feel it is important to offer two pieces of advice, one to pedestrians (particularly kids) and one to drivers.

First, kids, or for parents to tell their kids, those things they call “cross walks” are really only white lines painted on the road. Those white lines have absolutely NO ability to stop a car, truck, motorcycle or even a bicycle.

Yes, those white lines painted on the roads where you are supposed to cross the street are an indicator to car drivers that they are supposed to stop, but I repeat, they have NO ABILITY to actually stop a car or truck. Please, stop and look to make sure that any oncoming cars are in fact going to stop before you step in front of them.

And people driving those cars and trucks, PLEASE be extra careful when driving during this coming week. Remember that the kids are all very excited to see their friends and they may not be as careful around the roads as they should be, so please, slow down and watch very carefully when driving near schools.

Thanks for helping make this back to school a safe and happy time for all.