Backroads Adventure; Harrison East to Boston Bar

I went for a backroads adventure motorcycle ride with a good buddy of mine. We were trying to ride up the east side of Harrison Lake before turning further east to go up and over the mountains that separate the lake from the Fraser Canyon.

We left the burbs early Saturday morning for our backroads adventure. We rode up to Harrison Hot Springs where we gassed up the bikes and bought emergency provisions.

Then we double checked our map before heading into the back country. It is important to be prepared! We knew we wouldn’t have cell service up top so we brought along a paper copy of a map.

The scenery was beautiful and we stopped frequently to marvel at the sights, including seeing many incredible waterfalls, a black bear, and a deer.

There are many roads that branch off the main road so make sure to stay on the right road – in our case, the Harrison East Road.

There were quite a few side roads so we were thankful to have our map with us.

All things considered, the roads were in great shape. A few patches of rough riding, but overall, they were quite passable.

The most difficult riding was the deep sand parts. Sand and snow are motorcycle’s kryptonite.

Speaking of snow, we got to this point and that was it. No more forward movement due to the snow.

We knew we had significantly more elevation to climb so we didn’t even try riding through the snow. To be honest, snow is the worst for riding through.

Funny thing about the above video – if I hadn’t tried putting my feet down I probably would’ve looked more “graceful”. I just remind myself that this is my first time on a bike in two years and first time “off road” riding in many years.

So we turned around. Boo. I really wanted to make it over the summit and get down into Boston Bar in the Fraser Canyon.

We stopped at the Old Settler Pub and had their bacon, mozzarella burger special.

We will try this route again in a couple of weeks.

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