Backyard chickens to supplement my 100 Mile Diet

This working for a living thing is getting to be a real grind. Seeing as I no longer want to have to get up to go to work, I needed to find something different to do. And boy did I find a great way to make money!

I am going to get backyard chickens. For those who might not now, everyday a female chicken shits an egg out of her arse. Yes, eggs come from chickens.

A couple of things make this business practicable. First, there are Farmer’s Markets everywhere in the city. And people go stupid when they go to a farmer’s market! I saw a guy paying $6 for a dozen eggs. Why? Because the eggs were free-range, organic brown eggs. People want local food and all that. The time is ripe for my business idea.

And then Mayor Gregor Robertson opened it up so that people living in Vancouver can have backyard chickens. Although I do not actually live in Vancouver, I do live in Metro Vancouver, so how could that not apply to my backyard?

So I did a little math. If I got 120 hens, that is ten dozen eggs a DAY. Seven days a week, that is 70 dozen eggs a week. If sell them at the farmer’s market for $5 a dozen, that is $350 a WEEK!!

Sure I will have some overhead. Perhaps some bought food to supplement them eating my lawn, but did I say, $350 a WEEK!! For doing what? Picking up eggs?

Yes sirree, it is chickens and eggs for me.