Banh mi at Pho Holiday

I have been struggling with a serious shoulder injury over the last six weeks, an injury that has made my appetite virtually disappear.

It is totally out of the norm for me but I simply do not have an appetite for food. However, as a result of my loss if appetite I’ve lost quite a bit of weight. Good to lose some weight, but not necessarily a healthy way to lose weight.

As a result of my weight loss, I am now forcing myself to get out of the house and eat more regularly, even if I don’t feel hungry.

Today I visited my favourite pho shop, Pho Holiday and I had their barbecued pork Banh mi (a Vietnamese sub sandwich).

The best part of the sandwich was the French roll holding in all the yummy goodness. Delightful.

Pho Holiday is located at 1054 Austin Ave in Coquitlam – almost directly across from the Safeway on Austin.




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