Bara, Formerly Okonomi Sushi

One of my uptown New Westminster sushi joints has changed names – Okonomi Sushi is now Bara Sushi. Essentially the same people, the same menu, and the same specials.

The change is a result of a separation between their downtown New West 4th Street location and the uptown location.

When I saw the sign in front of Okonomi was changed to Bara Sushi I felt compelled to stop in to see what was going on, and to get a little sushi for lunch .

I got the New Westminster roll – a sort of California Roll with a layer of tuna and tobiko on the outside with a very thinly shaved green onion all curled up on top of the roll. Really, this was a very pretty roll.

Of course looks are not the only important thing; the roll also tasted great.

Bara Sushi, formerly Okonomi Sushi, is still located at 620 6th Street in New Westminster.