Bard on the Beach; Othello

Today we went to see the Bard on the Beach production of Othello and I have to admit, I had very mixed emotions while watching the performance.

Yes, it was a beautiful stage, amazing acting, and an interesting spin on Shakepeare’s classic story by setting it in the American Civil War.

So what was my problem? Well, I was uncomfortable with the outright racism directed at Othello by his new father in law. I just felt myself squirming in my seat a little while watching the other players refer to Othello as “the Moor” and their plotting against him.

However, I did stay for the production and I have no hesitation in telling you it was a beautiful performance that is worth seeing even if it does make you squirm in your seat. I also have no hesitation in advising you to bring at least a couple tissues with you to the performance. No spoiler, it IS a tragedy.

All Bard on the Beach productions are performed in the tent-theatres at Vanier Park in Vancouver. You can call the Bard on the Beach box office at 604-739-0559 or go online to get tickets.