Bard on the Beach Returns to Vanier Park

It is that time of the year once again, the Bard on the Beach tents and stages are rising up in Vancouver’s Vanier Park once again.

Bard on the Beach Tents
Bard on the Beach Tents

Based on longevity and the old-fashioned number of butts in seats measurement, Bard on the Beach is by far (in my humble opinion) the most successful theatre company in Vancouver.

And tomorrow afternoon at 1pm, the Bard on the Beach season will begin with the opening performance of Twelfth Night directed by Dennis Garnhum. If you are unable to get tickets to the afternoon showing, the second show begins at 8pm tomorrow.

From the Bard on the Beach website I snapped the following information about the Bard performance of Twelfth Night:

Spirits are lifted, hearts are mended, and love is sought and won at the What You Will Hotel and Spa. It’s 1913 and in the pampered world of a fine European spa, everyone is falling in love with someone who is not exactly who they seem. este, the lobby lounge singer, entertains, Toby Belch and Andrew Aguecheek create mischief and Malvolio, the annoyingly pretentious hotel manager, threatens to spoil all the fun. Can young Viola ultimately find renewal and true love on the grounds of Olivia’s sumptuous hotel? Come and find out at the spa that lets you relax and renew in a glorious celebration of love!

However, not only was I able to snag the synopsis of the show, I also obtained a short video clip from one of the rehearsals from Twelfth Night.

I strongly encourage you to get your tickets to the Bard on the Beach performance of your choice as soon as possible. Tickets to these events routinely sell out and you do not want to be disappointed. My Sweetheart has already bought our tickets to Elizabeth Rex (her choice) and Hamlet (my choice).

After seeing the preview for Twelfth Night, I believe we may be adding another performance to our summer theatre schedule!



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