Bay Towne Leather’s Credit Card Case – And a Giveaway!!

Once again I have acted upon my passion for quality leather; this time I bought a credit card case from my friend Roge at Bay Towne Leather.

Bay Towne Leather Credit Card Case
Bay Towne Leather Credit Card Case

The credit card case (pictured to the right) that Roge created for me is an excellent piece. Made of 5oz Premium Oak veg tan cow hide, it can hold eight credit cards (or driver’s license and other cards).

I particularly like the closure system – Swiss Army button studs. They slip into the little slots on the lid-flap hold the case closed very securely.

The outside of the case is dyed the deep reddish brown known as Cordovan while the inside is natural, uncoloured leather. This is a beauty of a little wallet/credit card case.

Credit Card Case
Credit Card Case

My “problem” is that I carry too many cards. What with credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, Tim cards and health cards, I have too many cards to comfortably fit inside this sweet little piece of leather.

When I told Roge at Bay Towne about my “problem” he offered to make me a new one at his cost. I said no way, seeing as I chose the wallet even after reading the dimensions and knowing how many cards I carry. Instead of having him foot the bill for my mess-up, I have asked Roge to make me a larger credit card case/wallet from his collection. He is in the process of making me a larger version of the “The Little Wallet That Can.”

So what should I do with my Bay Towne Leather credit card case? I paid $33.75 for it and I would feel awful just leaving this beauty of a little credit card case sitting in a drawer in my shave-cave, so… with Roge’s blessing, I have decided to give it away.

How can you win this little giveaway gem? All you have to do is make a comment on this blog post; in your comment include a number between one (1) and 488 and a link to the one item from Roge’s Etsy page that you would like to purchase or an item that catches your eye.

On Monday, May 20th, 2013 at 6pm PST I will use my Random Number Generator App to choose the winning number. If there is no exact match, the next nearest number will be the winner. As well as choosing your lucky number, be sure to cut and paste a link to your favourite item on Roge’s page into your comment to be eligible to win.


  1. Drum roll please…and spinning the random number generator app…and the winning number is 264!! Congrats to the winner.

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