Baytowne Leather Wallets and a GIVEAWAY!!

Here is a video of my latest Baytowne Leather wallet/credit card holder.

Seeing as Roge of Baytowne Leather provided this little credit card holder/wallet (the first wallet I presented in the above video) to me as a gift, I feel it is only appropriate that I continue that giving.

If you are interested in being the new owner of the Baytowne Leather credit card holder/wallet, post a comment with a number between one (1) and five hundred (500).

On Sunday, June 2nd 2013 at 6pm (PST) I will fire up the random number generator app on my iPad to find the winning entry. The person with the number closest to the winning number will be declared the winner. (The winning number can be higher or lower than the number the random number generator app provides, it simply will be the closest number).

For this giveaway, I ask that the winner pay the cost of shipping from my city to their home by buying me however numbers of cups of coffee we find it costs to ship the credit card holder.

One last note, in the video I say that I paid $30 for the small two rivet wallet. I see on the Baytowne Leather Etsy page that the actual cost is $41.30. It might be that I told my Sweetheart it was $30 just to keep peace in the family. The true cost is $41.30.


  1. HaiCow

    Once a grazing cow,
    Dismantled into small bits,
    Now, she’s my wallet.

    42 – ’cause the answer is ALWAYS 42.

  2. Not required anymore but I’ll try anyway. My very first haiku.

    Attended a meeting last summer
    I said “Hi, my name is Darren…”
    “And I’m a leather addict”


    Thanks Stacey 🙂

  3. Leather Is so good
    SBL isn’t that great
    And I like horween

    I will pick lucky Number 499

  4. Here’s my entry I know its not a Haiku but instead a poem I wrote about a year ago that seemed appropriate. My number is 84.

    Products once made to last a lifetime,

    Made of tin, iron, steel, brass, and welded to last.

    Made of leather, canvas, cotton, and stitched to endure,

    Products outlasted consumers, Time and effort put into each product,

    Handmade, hand stitched, a sign of true craftsmanship.

    These ways are dying…

    Plastic, automation, mass production,

    Are the killers of quality.

    Products are created and destroyed daily,

    Consumerism is a way of life,

    We buy, we use, we dispose,

    The modern circle of life.

  5. Well a poem I can not come up with .. why ???
    Hmm if you can answer that I will buy you a coffee Stacey even if I do not win …
    Number : 111 ( my condo number )

  6. my number is 474 – and my brain is too mushy today to come up with a haiku – sorry!

  7. Never tried a haiku before. Just giving it a shot…

    Leather is sexy,
    Leather is cool..
    Leather smells great and..
    You made my day!

    My number is 192!

  8. Sticking with the Haiku theme, I did the 5-7-5 syllables, but I also threw in a bit of rhyme which is atypical for a Haiku. The number of my choice is 17 (for the # of syllables).

    A contest I see
    Lucky winner? I hope me!
    Thank you, dear Stacey

  9. The winning number as generated by the Random Number Generator App is … 479. From what I see, that means Janis is the winner.

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