BC Cancer Foundation Fundraiser at the Dublin Castle Pub

Over the past couple of years I have lost too many friends to cancer. Cancer is a vicious disease that knows no compassion.  Because of this and because my friend, the indefatigable Kelsey Keller sold me a ticket to this fund raiser for the BC Cancer Foundation, I couldn’t help but jump into the action on this cancer fundraiser. Here is the deal for the fight-cancer fundraiser…

We’re KICKING THE *&%! OUT OF CANCER for the whole month of October 2011. To raise money (and have some fun with all the Hitters, their families and friends) we’re having a pub “afternoon” at the Dublin Castle Pub in New West. All money raised will go to the Fundraiser! There will be 50/50, Toonie Toss etc… $20.00 gets you a Burger, fries and bevvie (beer, wine or highball!). 

Come to this fantastic event and fight cancer with us! Everyone (legal drinking age) is welcome 🙂 Call 604-521-5913 or email newwestminster@30minutehit.com for tickets!

Because I also want to help the BC Cancer Foundation kick the *&%! out of cancer I bought a ticket. However, I cannot attend the event at the Dublin Castle (located in the old BC Penitentiary building for those old-time New Westers).

If you want my ticket, you need to be the first person to click to share this blog post on Facebook and to add a kind comment on this blog post. Do these things and you are having a beer, burger and fries compliments of Stacey Robinsmith dot com. Of course, because this BC Cancer Foundation fundraiser is being held in the Dublin Pub, you have to be of legal drinking age to get into the pub.

The winner’s ticket will be at the door of the Dublin Castle Pub, compliments of Stacey Robinsmith dot com. Enjoy.


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