BC Country Music Association Awards 2010

From the Queen Elizabeth Theatre to the Red Robinson Show Theatre I have traveled.


Last year I was sitting at a table on the floor of the theatre. This year the event is so heavily sold that I am relegated to the balcony seats.

While I was in taking pics of the stage before the doors opened I overheard acouple of photographers saying that Valdy was on stage doing a sound check just before I got in. Apparently he will be singing one of his classics, “A Good Song” perhaps.

I have to admit that there are far more hats at tonight’s event…more so than last night at the opera. More hats, more black and much more cleavage.

Security people are looking at me suspiciously. What is wrong or odd about a guy sitting in the furthest back row of a theatre with a laptop in his lap? Now they are gone. probably to get that monster sized Teamster from the front of the theatre.

While I was mingling with the gathered fans in the lobby I bumped into Coquitlam City Councilor Barrie Lynch and his wife Melanie (Lord I hope I got her name right!), big-time country music fans and Harley rider. Barrie told me he had to run off to find his seat because he was going to be one of the early presenters.

Coquitlam City Councilor Barrie Lynch at BCCMAA
Coquitlam City Councilor Barrie Lynch at BCCMAA

I also managed to slow down Don Adams, president of the BC Country Music Association for a second, long enough for him to grab the prettiest female standing nearby while I snapped a picture.

President of BCCMA Don Adams and friend
President of BCCMA Don Adams and friend

7:18pm and the energy is really starting to pump in here. People are moving to their tables and taking their seats. Jessie Farrell just took the stage and they dimmed the lights so I can’t see jackety-squat now.

JayDee Bixby is here.

Gabby’s Country Cabaret just won the award for Country Club of the year.

JayDee Bixby “an old soul singing old country music”. What a massive voice!! Pics will be posted after I get them loaded.

JayDee Bixby at BCCMAA
JayDee Bixby at BCCMAA

Country Music Radio station now being awarded…the winner is JR FM..93.7. Is this a surprise?

Next performer is Dan Hill. “I am My Ftaher’s Son.” The last song Dan Hill sang before his father fell into a coma. Is this the same Dan Hill who sang “Sometimes When We Touch”…every high schoolers make-out song? Kind of a different feel to this song.

Kelly Moore just won “on air radio personality in area code 250.”

“604 on air radio personality award” goes to…Curtis Pope. Sends his thanks to Elmer Tippe and the old WX 1130 Country crew.

Next performance is a montage. Begins with Todd Richard then Emily Taylor Adams…, Mike Gouchie, Steel Toe Boots.

Video of the Year award goes to…”Free like love” the Higgins.

The Higgins at the BCCMAA
The Higgins at the BCCMAA

Note to self–hit update more often Stacey!!

Hayley McClean is a guitar Goddess. On stage now.

The president, Don Adams, is now on the stage…”All Hail the Chief” is playing. Apparently this is his final term as president of the BCCMA.

President of BCCMA Don Adams
President of BCCMA Don Adams

This guy managed to thank all the sponsors of the show in his opening address. A true natural on the stage, at the mic. When Don says, “This isn’t in the script but…” the people backstage have a mini heart attack. Presented the lifetime achievement award to Kenny Hess.

Kenny Hess talks about his first tour with Charlie Pride and Don Williams. I think I saw that tour!

I don’t know why but the sound of bagpipes in any song brings tears to my eyes. Especially when it is in a song to honour Canadian troops.


  1. I guess there would be more hats but I still don’t think hats should be worn in public places … call me old fashion.

  2. Cowboys never take their hats off in public. I was also told (by a REAL cowboy) that if you see a guy in cowboy boots he is probably a truck driver. Real working cowboys wear runners most of the time. Just saying…

  3. So I have been told about Cowboys and their hats … see i am an east coast girl born and bred .. WASP
    Can see what you mean about the cleavage.

  4. ‘Cause cowboys don’t ride horses most of the time anymore.

    More cleavage, on the other hand …. I thought opera came with cleavage? And, real cowgirls don’t do cleavage – ever had the grit of the trail under your sweaty bra? I thought not. Let me tell you, any cowboy who can’t wait for you to undo a couple of buttons, is in too much of a hurry to waste time flashing the girls in his direction anyway.

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