BC Country Music Awards Part II

I forgot to say that I came downstairs from the balcony quite awhile ago. I saw Don Adams (president of the BCCMA) in the door way and told him I could not see anything from upstairs. He cleared a table for me on the floor. I occasionally run down to the front of the stage now and snap photos…I will load them as soon as I get a chance.


Dean Brody on stage now. Great mellow sound.

Will Davis, previous host of the BCCMA Awards show, producer of tonight’s show on stage now. Announced a large group of winners from last night’s Industry Awards show. They were up on screen so fast I missed all of them!

Single of the Year goes to … and the winner is One More Girl “When it Ain’t Raining.”

One More Girl at the BCCMA Awards
One More Girl at the BCCMA Awards

Dan Hill presenting songwriter of the year … and the winner is “Hood of my Car” Chad Brownlee and Mitch Merrett and someone else (no offense intended).

The Gaylord Wood Award goes to … and the winner is … Kenny Hess. Award was presented by Elmer Tippe…BC country music legend. I remember listening to him on WX 1130 when it was a country music station. Classic dude.

Elmer Tippe at the BCCMA Awards
Elmer Tippe at the BCCMA Awards

Ridley Bent on stage now. Holy cramolly that is like a rock and roll closer for a song!

Album of the year goes to “Big Sky” One More Girl.

Mlae vocalist was Chad Brownlee and female vocalist is Emily Taylor Adams. Emily Taylor Adams is the first to have the tears streaming thank you speech. Pretty emotional win.

Emily Taylor Adams at the BCCMA Awards
Emily Taylor Adams at the BCCMA Awards

Aaron Pritchett on stage.

Fan’s choice award presented … and the winner is the Brent Lee Band.

Group/Duo of the Year award … One More Girl!! Funny, the one said that her partner was in the bathroom when they were called on stage. Such honesty.

Advice for new musicians… always carry a pair of spanx!

One More Girl just ripped up the stage. Wow.

One More Girl at the BCCMA Awards
One More Girl at the BCCMA Awards

Now for the biggest award of the night, Entertainer of the Year … One More Girl. Heartfelt thank you from the girls to their family. Pretty cool thank you.

Tribute to Mike Norman, one of the band members of Lyin Bastards. The band lost him this year and they still miss him. Beautiful photo tribute to Mike Norman.

Now Valdy is on stage ready to sing. Sang a tribute to the agent he lost last year. Now singing the closing number, “Play Me a Rock and Roll Song.”

Valdy at the BCCMA Awards
Valdy at the BCCMA Awards

All the performers from tonight are now on stage. A thing of beauty. The music plays on!! So beautiful…PLAY ME A ROCK AND ROLL SONG!!

Valdy Leads a Sing-along at the BCCMA Awards
Valdy Leads a Sing-along at the BCCMA Awards

Good night everybody. Once I sort through the photos and figure out what is what I will post them into the proper spots. I hope you all enjoyed my live-blogging of this event…see you all next year at the BCCMA 2011 award show.





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  1. Gerry Avatar

    Thanks a bunch for this coverage! Second best to actually being there.

  2. stacey Avatar

    For a full list of the winners of all the awards visit http://www.bccountry.com/

    These folks even have all the names spelled correctly!!

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