Being Present

On the weekend one of my childhood friends passed away.

He lost his battle with cancer and now he is dead.

As a result, for at least one day I felt like slowing my life down and feeling every feeling and really being present.

On Sunday I slowed down and let myself feel all the feelings. I felt the sun on my face and the wind in eyes. I felt the cold as I drove. I felt it all.

I also did some thinking.

As I sipped my morning coffee I tasted the richness of the coffee. And as I bit into the burger I was eating, I thought to myself, what if this is the last burger I ever eat? What will I remember about it?

As I stepped on the ground on Sunday, I felt my foot touch the earth and I thought to myself, what if this is the last day that I am able to walk on this earth? What would I remember?

As I was talking to my children I thought to myself, what if this is the last words they hear me say? What will they remember from my words?

What would my actions tell them about me?

What would my wife remember from the words we shared?

What if this is the last time I talk to my mother? What would she remember of our conversation?

Or my friends? What would they carry with them from the words we have shared?

On the weekend it was important to be present. Feeling all the feelings and really being present. It was the only way I felt like I could honour my friend.

By being present.

Mark, the Gentle Giant, may you forever rest in peace.