Benton Brothers Cheese and Save-On-Meats

I am trying to work on two different blogs posts; one on our visit to Benton Brothers Cheese on Granville and the other post is about my recent re-visit to Save-On-Meats to sample their breakfast fare. I can safely say that both posts will rave about these fabulous places in our city.

Here is a teaser from my visit to Benton Brothers Cheese;

Benton Brothers Cheese
Benton Brothers Cheese

And a teaser from my visit to Save-On-Meats;

Save-On-Meats Brekkie
Save-On-Meats Brekkie

As soon as I get a minute to myself I will sit down and put these posts together. Both are MUST returns for the quality of the product and the superb customer service. More soon.





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