Big Al’s Diner; The Mount Baker Breakfast

I snuck out of the country this morning just so that I could get a plate of biscuits and gravy with eggs over-easy.

Big Al's Diner
Big Al’s Diner

It is amazing to me how you just go across the border, out of Canada and into Washington State and you can get a meal like this one pictured.

In Vancouver, Canada it is a novelty to go somewhere and get biscuits and gravy. In Washington State? Any diner will serve it.

And Big Al’s Diner in Blaine? This morning I enjoyed the Mount Baker Breakfast; two eggs over-easy on top of a mountain of pan fried potatoes which rested on two biscuits drowning in a suasage gravy.

Absolutely delicious. Just enough pepper to give a snap to it. I will return.