Big Red’s Poutine

Big Red’s Poutine Food Truck

I’ve been following the Instagram feed from the food truck called Big Red’s Poutine on social media for months now.

So you can imagine how delighted I was when I saw the Big Red’s Poutine food truck at the Port Moody Farmers Market last weekend!

I have to admit, eating the poutine from Big Red’s food truck was even better than looking at pictures of their poutine. Duhuh!!

The piping hot, rich and creamy beef gravy melted the cheese curds just enough to make them ooey-gooey good. Oh yeah, that is all on top of the hand cut French fries! For $8 – this is a bargain.

I’ll be watching for Big Red’s Poutine at all the winter farmers markets this year. Delicious.