Big Star Sandwich Co and Wally’s Burgers

A couple foodie bits from New Westminster today. First, I had lunch at the Big Star Sandwich Co on Monday afternoon. Typically I will get their Corned Beef on Rye sandwich but Clint, the owner and chief sandwich architect told me they had a new turkey supplier and he thought I would enjoy the new turkey meat.

Big Star Sandwich
Big Star Sandwich

I set aside my usual sandwich request and went ahead with the special of the day; turkey, prosciutto, Caesar mayo, siracha, Swiss cheese and lettuce and tomato. And, the new turkey is a winning flavour combination.

The Big Star’s new turkey meat is a combination of white and dark meat that comes ready for them to roast with a perfectly fat-coated piece of skin draped over the meat. As the turkey roasts, the fat melts into the meat and creates some of the juiciest, most delicious turkey meat I have ever had.

The other thing I really like about their new turkey is that the meat comes in big chunks rather than dry slices of meat. Two thumbs up from me.

The other bit of news out of New Westminster is that the legendary Wally’s Burgers has been chosen as the food vendor to run the concession stand at  the Westminster Pier Park.

Wally’s Burgers already has a very successful New Westminster presence in their burger storefront in the Rivermarket and they also have concession stand experience with their Cates Park concession stand in North Vancouver. I am sure that they will be a welcome addition to the Westminster Pier Park experience.