Big Star Sandwich Company Earns Another Star

Big Star Sandwich Co
Big Star Sandwich Co

I went with a group of colleagues to the hot new lunch place in New Westminster, the Big Star Sandwich Company on 12th. Our group of ten was lucky to get in the door and get our sandwich orders started just before the place was SWAMPED with people.

As I did last time I visited them, I went the easy route and had their daily special. Roast beef, turkey, bacon, tomato, cheese, lettuce, hickory sticks and heaps of other pure wholesome goodness. My sandwich was excellent.

Big Star Sandwich Co
Big Star Sandwich Co

As my group was leaving they were patting me on the back and thanking me for telling them about the Big Star Sandwich Co so I assume they all liked their lunches as much as I enjoyed mine.

The most amazing thing about the Big Star is the way that Clint, the owner and chief sandwich maker, is able to move sandwiches along the line. There were nine in my group, another table with six and then a group of at least ten students who arrived at almost the same time.

Clint was making sandwiches like a man possessed and from what I could see, his customers were all leaving happy. I know that my group certainly did. Once again, I will say that we will be returning…sooner rather than later.
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