The Big Star Sandwich Company

It had been awhile since I had my first sandwich at The Big Star Sandwich Co so I figured I was overdue for another visit. And wow, am I ever glad I made a return visit!

Corned Beef on Rye
Corned Beef on Rye

Before I get to the Big Star though, let me tell you about the theory my bestie and I have about restaurants. In brief, when a place opens, everything is good. Portions are large, prices are good and everyone is happy. Lots of smiles.

As time goes on, the glow wears off the place and customer visits slow down. The owner then has to make sacrifices; often food portions shrink and prices increase.

Some survive, some don’t. Our theory is that it is important to hit the restaurant while they are in the large portion/low prices stage.

With this theory in mind, I re-visited The Big Star Sandwich Co. and decided to try their corned beef on rye.

Clint, the owner and chief sandwich maker at the Big Star had previously told me that he had sourced what he considered to be the best corned beef west of Montreal. And after eating a corned beef sandwich there, I have to agree. Outstanding.

The corned beef has a perfect balance of saltiness and a cool texture that allows it to be pulled apart as you bite into the sandwich. The weak-looking slices of rye bread with a schmeer of mustard do an admirable job of holding in the mound of corned beef. Add the quarter wedge of dill pickle and I have my perfect sandwich.

But about my theory…even though it has been more than six months since I first visited the Big Star Sandwich Co, their sandwiches are still massive, delicious and completely satisfying.

I can honestly say I will not be waiting another six months to try another one of their sandwich creations.