Blogger Dad on the Parents Television Council

Blogger Dad posted an interesting read on his blog yesterday. His post is about the new CBS show, $#*! My Dad Says which is based on a Twitter account where a young guy posts the often off-colour and irreverent thoughts-words that his father thinks and says.

Blogger Dad’s post is about how a the Parents Television Council, an advocacy group who take it upon themselves to police the entertainment industry, is contacting potential advertisers in an attempt to dissuade them from advertising on the new show S#*! My Dad Says unless CBS changes the name of the show. They claim that the name of the show is indecent.

To me this seems really bizarre. What is indecent about the name of this new show? When famous people go off the rails and use profane language in a public place, and the media want to describe the behaviour they will say “So-and-so (go ahead and think Mel Gibson now) repeatedly used the F-word in…” Should this no longer be allowed? Have the symbols that we use to replace profanity somehow become profane?

Thoughts? Should CBS force the creators of the new show to change the name of the show? What do you think?

To get a fuller understanding of this situation take a click on over to Blogger Dad and see what he has to say. I have to admit he was much more entertaining in his discussion, he even wove a little Billy Ray Cyrus into his post. Go ahead, visit Blogger Dad.