Blogger role models

Cruising facebook today I came across a crazy ranting blogger, That site is written by some crazy wild woman! And I like it. It is foul and it is vulgar and it calls out large corporations for their crappy service and it is entertaining! I love it. Check it out, pass judgement on it if you like and don’t go back to it. I will though. It is just that crazy enough to warrant a return visit.






One response to “Blogger role models”

  1. Crunchy Avatar

    Did you know that dooce is THE blogger..THE A cannot get any A’er than her!?
    She was the one fired for her blog.the FIRST!

    And now she is rich and lives of her blog..her husband manages her site and his and she does tv and book tours.

    She is funny..her followers scare the shit outta me.