Blogging About SERIOUS Issues

Just in case you thought that bloggers were social misfits who sit around their parents’ basements eating cold pizza while only wearing their underpants (categoriacally not true no matter what rumopurs you may have heard or read in the blogosphere) get a load of the important discussion taking place on one of my blogger colleague’s blog; when making a peanut butter and jelly/jam sandwich, how do you proceed?

Do you put the peanut butter on one side and the jelly/jam on the other like every other sane and normal human being or do you do like Blogger Dad’s wife and put the PB and Jelly all on the one slice of bread? This is serious stuff that we are talking about! How do you proceed?





5 responses to “Blogging About SERIOUS Issues”

  1. Tanya Smith Avatar
    Tanya Smith

    Peanut butter on the inside of both slices, of course, so the jam has the right slide-ability and doesn’t make either of the breads soggy! And if you REALLY want to take it to the next level, first toast the bread just the slightest bit to make it warm, but not officially toast…..aaaahhhhh, now we’re talkin’!!

  2. Wendy Avatar

    I agree with Tanya-PB on both pieces of bread, then jam on top. And only Raspberry jam, no other!

  3. caitlyn James Avatar

    For years I went without butter on my pb sandwiches, and most of the time I don’t like jam – in spite of a whole shelf devoted to the homemade variety! And, I don’t like sandwiches. So, you might think, what’s she weighing in for.

    I LOVE peanut butter sandwiches on almost toast bread. A skiff of real butter first, then almost exactly double the thickness of pb. If there is a toothbrush nearby a little bit of liquid honey on the other side (can’t spread it without the butter first), together, slice, and yum.

    Stacey, you didn’t mention the question of whole sandwich, sliced in two: diagonal, vertical, horizontal? There are even those who believe in quarters or crusts cut off – sacrilege!

  4. stacey Avatar

    For a real taste sensation, peanut butter on one side, butter on the other and then banana on the peanut butter. THEN molasses on the butter side. Even better when the bread is warmed like Tanya and Caitlyn have suggested.

  5. caitlyn James Avatar

    MOLASSES – now we’re talkin’!