Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar

Seeing as I was downtown Vancouver yesterday, I decided to try the happy hour menu of a place that I’ve been following on Instagram for quite some time – Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar. 


We started with a plate of fresh west coast “buck-a-shuck”  oysters. They were nice, but not nearly as plump and delicious as the oysters I recently enjoyed at Rodney’s Oyster House. 

Next up was a little sample of smoked salmon pate. Beautiful presentation of this dish. While small in size, it was large in flavour. 

Along with the little salad came these adorable little jalapeño caps filled perfectly with the smoked salmon pate. 


And then the chicken wings – wow. I love the wings at Woody’s Pub in Maillairdville but the wings at Boulevard…unbelievable. Massive meaty flavour bombs.     

The clam chowder was also a hit. Creamy enough but not overwhelmingly so. It is a funny thing but I did notice the attention to detail in the chowder. Everything was cut so precisely. 

Finally, the deep fried oysters. Meh. These didn’t work. 

Overall feelings were very positive;  service was top notch – professional and informative  and yet friendly. The food was beautifully presented with obvious attention to detail. 

If the happy hour menu is representative of what the kitchen at Boulevard is capable of, I highly recommend the Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar.