Brave Star Selvage Denim Update

A little more than a year ago I received my super-heavy Brave Star Selvege jeans.

A pair of jeans made from a 21.5 ounce denim. For perspective, my unwashed “Rigid” denims from Levi’s are made from something like a 12 ounce denim.

My Brave Stars are nearly twice as heavy as any of my Levi’s.

As I was saying, I’ve had them for just over a year. And I wore them every day from the day I got them until the end of May.

I have no idea how I managed to make them look black in the photo above – they are still the same blue but with much more distinct fade lines.

Once the heat of the summer ended I started to wear the Brave Stars again.

Then, just like that, it had been a year since I had received them. And of course once I had owned them and worn them (basically every day) for a year, it was time to wash them.

So I did. I washed them. And as you can see, the fade lines are really becoming beautiful. I love the way the lines are developing.

However, now that I have worn them for a year I am not so strict about wearing them every day.

In fact, I have started to wear my latest acquisition from Brave Star – a mystery pick. They’re lighter than the 21.5 ounce super-heavy weights and, they are the right size for me.

When I bought my heavy weights I looked at the sizing chart and it recommended that I get a size 36. I thought there was no way that I would fit a 36 and I went with their 38.

Listen to the experts.

My super heavy weights, while super comfy really are too big and I frequently wear suspenders to hold them in place!

Anyway, that is the now annual update on my Brave Star Selvage denims. until next year…