Brave Star Selvege

Brave Star Selvage Denim

Just as the antithesis of fast food is slow food, the denim gear from Brave Star Selvage is the opposite of fast fashion.

Slow fashion, like Brave Star Selvage, approaches the production process from a more mindful perspective, considering the ethics and sustainability of every step of the supply chain. This also means that slow fashion pays attention to quality.

And when I received my latest piece of clothing from Brave Star Selvage, my Iron Horse Work Shirt 12oz Wabash Japan Selvage Denim, I knew that they had definitely paid attention to quality.

I also knew that my new work shirt would become another foundational piece of my wardrobe.

Brave Star Selvage

This new Work Shirt will go beautifully with my Brave Star super heavyweight denims. And, just like my super heavyweight denim jeans, I expect the new work shirt to last a seriously long time.

I am not sure of I will follow the same philosophy and neveer wash this new work shirt, time will tell.

Brave Star Selvage

Brave Star Selvage was born in 2005 when they started working with Cone Mills and their first selvedge denim collection from the newly launched White Oak label.

Once the folks from Brave Star saw the full extent of the denim offerings from Cone Mills, they knew they had to start a label exclusively showcasing Cone Mills selvedge denims.

Their goal was to not only educate the discerning denim customer on the unique nature of selvedge but also the storied history behind Cone and all it had achieved as the premier weaver of indigo yarns in America.

With this vision, Brave Star Selvage became the first premium, all selvedge ‘Made in the USA’ brand – a distinction it holds to this day.