Breakfast at Quan’s

Story and I are home from our Sunday breakfast at Quan’s Kitchen, our local diner. Story behaved like a little angel this morning saying that the extra hour of sleep made her feel so much more rested this morning. Personally, I thought it just gave her another on-the-hour opportunity to wake up. Whatever it did, she had a very good morning out. Now we are ready to head out in the Mountain Buggy for a stroll. I’m glad for the exercise because I am still trying to lose the baby fat I put on during the pregnancy. After our walk one of the lucky twins will get to go with me and visit Grandma R.

Oh one more thing…before going for breakfast this morning Annalie tried a taste of avocado and seems to have really enjoyed it. It is funny to see the way the twins are developing; Story is much more physically active; she is rolling sideways all around the living room and Annalie barely leaves her blanket. However, Annalie will try different foods and eats from a spoon whereas Story will not eat from the spoon. Interesting to observe.