Breakfast at the Fraser Park Restaurant

I went for breakfast at the Fraser Park Restaurant on Saturday morning.

I have mixed feelings about it. The restaurant is well known for massive servings of food with an emphasis on meat. I overhead the guy at the table beside me say, “I prefer quality over quantity,” and well, you certainly do a lot of quantity at the Fraser Park Restaurant.

It is good food, but as is usually the case, when a place focuses on massive servings, it is not always great food.

I suppose that isn’t a surprise for a restaurant that is located in an industrial area. To be clear, it is good food. The kind of food that sustains you if you’re going to be doing a hard days work.

The big positive for me was the toast. Really good tasting toast that had a nice crisp toast quality.

The other big positive was the house made, fried sausage. Loved it. Just the right density and texture and not fatty at all. Big win.

The omelette was good. It was a big three egg omelette filled with nicely cooked green peppers, onions, mushrooms and nicely flavoured chunks of ham. It was hot when I got it and I enjoyed it.

The potato pancake (who doesn’t love potato pancakes?!) was a disappointment. Just a sad, soggy pancake.

The best part of the Fraser Park Restaurant is the pricing. My breakfast, with a bottomless cup of coffee, the extra piece of sausage, a potato pancake, two slices of toast, a massive heap of hash brown potatoes, and the three egg omelette was $15.

Fraser Park Restaurant is located at 4663 Byrne Road. It is in one of the warehouse complexes down near the Lynch bus lines office.

Will I return to the Fraser Restaurant? Probably!