Wendy's Breakfast

Breakfast at Wendy’s; Follow Up

I recently posted about the new Wendy’s breakfast menu and the pictures I shared were total garbage – probably a result of me touching the camera lens with a greasy finger!

So of course, in the name of journalist integrity, I had to try more of the Wendy’s breakfast menu. You know, just to get some pictures of the Wendy’s breakfast menu.

Wendy's Breakfast

This time I had the $1.99 breakfast biscuit with egg and bacon. And of course it comes with the American style cheese. Some like the American style cheese, others do not. I like it.

The biscuit had all the characteristics of a quality biscuit; light enough to taste and feel like a biscuit and yet strong enough to hold together as I ate the breakfast sandwich.

I liked it.

Wendy's Breakfast

My breakfast companion had the sausage, egg, and Swiss cheese croissant breakfast sandwich. I am not a fan of sausage patties but all things considered, this one was good. Not too salty, which is my usual complaint.

Both breakfast sandwiches were a good size – not too big. Just enough to fill me up. The way I wanted it.

Wendy's Breakfast

And of course there was a small side of Wendy’s seasoned potato wedges. They are well-seasoned and very tasty. However, both times I have had the Wendy’s potato wedges, they have not been barely warm. Not even close to being hot.

The first time I thought it was because I waited too long to eat them. This time as soon as I pulled away from the drive-thru, I tried them and they were just barely warm. You know the saying, “Some like it hot.” I have to admit, that’s me. I like my potato wedges hotter than Wendy’s serves them.

All things considered, I do enjoy the Wendy’s breakfast. I do believe it is superior to the other fast food breakfast offerings and I will definitely be returning for more Wendy’s breakfast!