Breakfast at the Jimoco Cafe

I was surprised to notice that I have not added the Jimoco Cafe, one of my favourite Tri-Cities breakfast joints to my list of trusted brekkie joints. I have been going to the Jimoco Cafe for quite a few years and I have always been impressed with the quality and presentation of their food.

This week my Sweetheart and I had a rare opportunity to have breakfast out together and we headed over to the Jimoco Cafe.

Eggs and Bacon at Jimoco
Eggs and Bacon at Jimoco

Top item on their breakfast menu is a Sunrise Special – two eggs, hashbrowns, toast and the choice of bacon, ham or chorizo sausage, all for $3 if you arrive before 9:30 am. I went for the special with sunny side up eggs and bacon.

The eggs were cooked perfectly with a runny yolk that I could dip my hashbrown cubes into. The extra crsip bacon (without even having to ask for it!! HEAVEN!!) was excellent.

Corned Beef Hash and Eggs
Corned Beef Hash and Eggs

Sweetheart, not being as fiscally prudent as me chose the corned beef breakfast hash ($9). It came with two eggs and two pieces of toast. Once again, the eggs were cooked perfectly.

One of the things I really like about the Jimoco Cafe are the hashbrown potatoes. These are the real thing. They either bake or boil Russet potatoes and then cube them before giving them the golden-fry treatment. The end result is that they are crispy cubes of warm potato lovin’ when they arrive at the table.

On other occasions I have been to the cafe I have enjoyed selections from their omelette list. Each time I have been impressed with the quality of the food, the ingredients and the presentation.

However, I have to say that this week when we were in for brekkie, both Sweetheart’s and my breakfast was barely warm when it arrived at our table and was very quickly cold. I could have told the server about the issue but I am hoping this is just a one off mistake from their kitchen staff.

Bottomline, I will continue to visit the Jimoco Cafe when I am looking for a quality breakfast  experience.

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