Brisket from Dixie’s Barbecue

Last weekend I happened to be near Dixie’s Barbecue on East Hastings just east of Main Street.

Dixie's BarbecueSeeing as I had already eaten dinner, I decided to go to the “build your own BBQ platter” menu at Dixie’s so that I could keep it “light”.

Meat at Dixie'sI ordered the quarter pound of in-house smoked brisket and a quarter pound of smoked pork butt. As an interesting aside, did you know that the “pork butt” is a cut of meat from the front shoulder of a pig? It actually has nothing to do with the pig’s “butt”.

Dixie's BarbecueI added a side of the mac and cheese. And all of the “build it yourself” menu items come with a small bowl of pickles and hot peppers. And of course two slices of white bread “to soak up all the barbecue juices”.

Dixie's BarbecueI thought that the shelf full of wood was part of the decor; nope. It is the wood they use to burn in their smoker. A smoker that is 100% wood – they do not use gas or electricity to get the wood burning and smoking. Apparently they are the only barbecue joint in the city that is 100% wood-fired barbecue.

Dixie's BarbecueHence the wood splitting axe in the kitchen!

Dixie's BarbecueI have to admit – my photos of my food from Dixie’s are terrible. I was so busy taking pictures of the restaurant and talking bourbon with the bartender that I just plain forgot to get “good” pictures of my food.

Dixie's BarbecueI could only eat half the brisket even though it was probably the best brisket I have had in this city so I took the leftovers home and warmed the brisket up in a pan, slid an egg I had cooked overeasy onto a slice of toast and I had an outrageous breakfast.

Dixie's BarbecueWhat a feast! I will be returning to Dixie’s Barbecue to try their entire barbecue menu.

So delicious!

  • Dixie’s Barbecue is located at 33 East Hastings Street
  • Phone 778-379-4770