Brisket Pie on the Traeger

I had a couple freezer bags of brisket in the freezer and I had a hankering for some brisket and yet I did not want to have brisket sandwiches. So, why not brisket pie? Yep, brisket pie.

Brisket Pie

I started out with putting the brisket into my stainless bread mixing bowl and added a package of powered fajita mix to put some flavour and spice into the brisket.

Brisket Pie

Next I added a can of Rotel – diced up tomatoes with spicy chilies to add some juice to the meat mix as well as some spicy flavour. Once this is mixed and thoroughly stirred, I set the meat aside to begin working on the crust.

Brisket Pie

For the crust, I mixed together the dry ingredients of a half cup of corn meal, a cup and a half of flour, baking powder, sugar, and salt. Whisked all that together and then added a half cup of milk, vegetable oil, and a small can of diced green chilies. Mix until it clumps into a wet, chunky mixture.

Once it is mixed, I poured, or rather scraped it from the mixing bowl into my cast iron pan. Using my fingers, it made pushed the mixture into the pan and made it like a bottom crust.

Of course before I started making the crust, I had started up the Traeger and had it warmed up to 375 degrees.

The crust was on the grill for about 25 minutes just long enough to get the crust browned.

Brisket Pie

After the crust was browned I poured the meat mixture into the pan on top of the crust and then added a generous amount of grated pizza mix shredded cheese over top.

The brisket pie went back into the Traeger for another 20 minutes to get it all hot and melty.

Brisket Pie

It was pretty yummy. Even one of my daughters ate some and, believe it or not, ASKED FOR MORE. However, there are a couple things I would do differently. First off, with the crust, I would make sure to push the crust mixture into a thinner layer. Even push the crust mix up the sides of the pan to give it more like a pie shell feel and taste.

Another thing – I used WAY TOO MUCH brisket. My brisket pie was heaped up and, well, too meaty. If that is possible.

Bottom line though, because there are a couple of things that I would do differently, that just means that I get to make this brisket pie again. So, I will report back after I try again.