Browns Socialhouse

After a visit to the new Whole Foods on Lougheed and Willingdon  we headed over to Browns Socialhouse for lunch.  

We started with a full plate of nachos. It was a nice plate of nachos. 

Although it wasn’t too big of a plate the nachos on it were very tasty and there was a very generous helping of fresh jalapeños. 

Along with the plate of nachos came massive side dishes of guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. The guacamole was awesome; large chunks of fresh avocado.   

The General Tao’s chicken was also a nice little share plate. The chicken was very tender and moist and nicely flavored.   We also decided to sample the Poutine. 

The poutine was also a nice size for sharing and we were pleased that there were more than a few pieces of cheese on the crispy fries but they were not swimming in gravy. A good bowl of poutine which may have been even better if we had taken the server’s suggestion and added bacon to the poutine.  

The crispy yam fries were definitely crispy. However, every time I order yam fries they disappoint me. In all honesty, I don’t think it is the yam fries. I’ve realized I’m just not a fan of yam fries!

Overall our lunch visit to Browns Socialhouse was a very pleasant experience. We were treated very well and the food was all very good. 

We will return to Browns Socialhouse to try more of their menu items.