Blacksmith Bakery

Brunch at Fort Langley’s Blacksmith Bakery

Daughter and I were traveling through the Fraser Valley this weekend and feeling sad about the transition from the beautiful, and completely inconvenient snow to the more typical west coast grey rainy days so we decided to stop in Fort Langley at Blacksmith Bakery for a little brunch break.

Blacksmith Bakery

I started my brunch with an Americano coffee while my daughter had the prettiest drink on the menu, the Butterfly Blue Matcha Latte. Seriously, is this not the prettiest drink? And yes, it was a treat to drink.

Whenever I sit in the window seat of a cafe sipping an Americano coffee I feel a connection to Ernest Hemingway – one of the writers who inspires me.

I picture myself sitting in a cafe in Paris with all the madness of the 1920s flowing around me.

Blacksmith Bakery

Fast forward from the 1920s to the 2029s, and I’m sitting in a cafe with my daughter. Who is auditioning to become an honorary member of the Millennial generation.

What are Millenials known for, Avocado Toast. Daughter ordered the Avocado Toast.

At Blacksmith Bakery, their Avocado toast comes with two free range poached eggs on a bed of fresh baby spinach greens on a couple slices of hearty, thick sliced bread. All for $13.

Avocado Toast

If you can believe it, my daughter told the person at the till taking our brunch order that she wanted her eggs, “poached soft, but not runny and messy and please, make sure there is none of that icky white stuff in them.”

Yes, perhaps this sounds a little precocious, but what I heard and saw was a kid who pays attention to the food she eats. And she is able to effectively communicate her needs.

Perhaps the best part, if you look closely at the eggs in the photo above, you will see that the person taking our order was able to effectively communicate my daughter’s requests to the person who prepared the eggs – and they nailed it!

Eggs Benedict

My brunch choice was the Blacksmith Benedict for $16. Two free range poached eggs, Prosciutto, asparagus, Hollandaise, and truffle oil all on a toasted English muffin.

I would have preferred having my English muffin toasted to a more crispy degree, but that didn’t detract from the overall quality of the Benedict.

The Blacksmith Bakery is open from 7am to 7pm, seven days a week and they are located on Church Street. Just head north along the main drag in Fort Langley and turn right just before the railroad tracks.

Blacksmith Bakery is located in the Reid Block on the southeast corner. Try it. It is excellent.