Bucket List Question on Canadian Destinations

I saw this question posed on Twitter by @theseboots today; what Canadian destination would you have on your bucket list? What is the ONE place that you want to visit before your best-before date is up? If you are on Twitter, post your answer there so that our not very scientific but fun little survey can accumulate more data. Post it up on Twitter with @TheseBoots in your tweet…if you are tweeter like us!

For me it is St John’s, Newfoundland. I would want to go there to see what in the world makes anyone stay in such an inhospitable place!! That or else Halifax, Nova Scotia to dig into some unlimited lobster feast. Oops, that is two. Well? Where do you want to go before you have to go?

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3 responses to “Bucket List Question on Canadian Destinations”

  1. caitlyn James Avatar

    If it’s a list don’t we get more than one?

    1) Fort Smith, Fort Resolution, Hay River NWT – just to see where Adam, Kelly, and Brent have been hanging out.

    2) Gotta go back to Haida Gwaii.

    3) Fort Nelson – because people seem to think the real name is “Fort Nelson, it’s not that bad”. (See Stacey & St. John’s.)

    4) Newfoundland because it is supposed to be superlatively beautiful & friendly.

    5) James Bay because it’s named after me.

    6) Saskatoon, especially the University.

    7) the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Comedy Festival.

    8) back to Montreal – with some pocket money and valid I.D.

    9) Cortez Island.

    10) something in New Brunswick because NFLD and NB are the only provinces I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting.

    And, in the interest of breaking the rules – and because I would love to see what others post …. If you haven’t been to these places, go!

    – Prince Rupert, BC
    – Halifax, NS
    – Botannical Beach Juan de Fuca Park, past Port Renfrew, BC on the west coast of Vancouver Island
    – Saltspring Island, Mayne Island, Thetis Island, Gabriola Island ….
    – Metchosin, BC (Vancouver Island)
    – Coombes, BC (the goats on the roof place)
    – Banff, AB
    – Drumheller, AB (and surrounding canyons)
    – Quebec City, PQ
    – Marion Bridge, NS
    – Penticton, BC (Summerland, Naramata)
    – Nelson, BC

    I guess I should stop. While I’ve seen a few pockets of the world, I have committed to seeing a good portion of my own country both for a sense of who we are (cultural identity) and for the hope that I can travel without too damaging a carbon foot print.

  2. stacey Avatar

    A bucket list is made up of the many things you would want to do or see before you kick the bucket…we want the #1 Canadian destination you would want to see. Only one, MAYBE two.

  3. caitlyn James Avatar

    Canada is too cool. I have to have more than 1 on my bucket list.

    In fact, since I may live to be 100 I figure I can have an awful lot of stuff on my bucket list if I move fast … hence the purchase of a brand new Ferrari. As recommended right here on staceyrobinsmith.com!

    (They’re gonna like that in Fort Rez.)